Many startups pitching LionBird have plans to market software to small businesses via their service providers. But how hard is it to create “affiliates” out of influencer groups such as accountants, lawyers, financial advisors and website builders who are trusted by end clients but who don’t traditionally cross-sell on those relationships? The Influencer Framework The… Read More

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Presenting: the “to the point version” of Startup Fundraising 101 For founders that are fundraising and want to learn how the other side thinks, this guide is easy to scan through, packed full of resources and non-obvious tips. Download the PDF here Shout out to Ben Dayanim, LionBird’s intern this summer, without whom this project… Read More


Household names such as Amazon, Netflix and AirBnb are celebrated for having disrupted the leaders in their industries via radical new thinking, technology and business models. But why do we rarely hear about companies servicing the incumbents to help them fight back against disruption? Renting Disruption A great article came out recently called “Disruption’s Long, Slow,… Read More


At LionBird, we often invest in B2B companies developing strong core technology platforms with multiple use cases. The challenges for these companies are that it’s easy to underestimate the time and resources cost of pursuing too many top of funnel opportunities at once, and that it’s easy to assume they know the customer needs. If after… Read More

erosion of reciprocity in early-stage VC

Note: this article originally appeared on TechCrunch Reading the comments on my recent TechCrunch post, it seems most founders believe investors asking for “extras” on the side are simply greedy and short-sighted. While it’s easy to criticize investors, I believe this behavior is driven in large part as a response to conditions founders have created… Read More


Note: this article originally appeared on TechCrunch As valuations continue to rise, early-stage investors are getting more “creative” with their deal structuring. In particular, lately I’ve seen a rise in requests for extra shares to be allocated to lead investors for their “value added services”. It’s common to give options to Advisors for their value add,… Read More


Every VC says they are looking for great Founders that are solving real problems in big markets. So why is it that so many “good” companies that seemingly meet these requirements still fail to raise money from VCs? Hits driven business Venture Capital is a hits driven business, with ~4.5% of dollars invested generating ~60%… Read More


Note: this article originally appeared on TechCrunch A common rule of thumb among early stage VCs is to reserve 2–3X dollars for every $1 initially invested in a startup. This is in order to maintain ownership levels in selected portfolio companies and to support them through good times and bad. But obviously, it’s not optimal… Read More


Note: this article originally appeared on TechCrunch VCs get asked all the time by startups to meet pre-pitch. Usually these requests are positioned along the lines of “we aren’t looking for money yet, just advice”. Of course, we all know this is just a nice way of getting your foot in the door for a… Read More

Seller beware

Note: this article first appeared on TechCrunch So you’ve made it past all the VC grilling and received a term sheet. Congratulations! But don’t celebrate just yet. Term sheets are non-binding, and even though they should signify a VC has conviction in investing in you and is ready to move towards closing, this is sometimes… Read More